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Vairii-Lift is a product designed to handle loads not easily handled by Hover-Lift or other products in the Southworth Handling range.

Vairii-Lift is similar to the Hover-Lift in that it is mounted on an overhead rail (either a post and jib or a bridge beam gantry), but we can offer a range of alternative solutions using pneumatics, vacuum handling and hoists with mechanical manipulators.

Successful solutions include:

Mechanical manipulator for loading roulette wheel blanks onto machine tool centres during the final machining process.

Mechanical lifter for drum handling.

Pneumatic hoist with attachments for batch weighing application.

Vairii-Lift is a tailored solution – often supplying other equipment as part of an overall package.


  Vairii-Lift image
  Vairii-Lift image 2


For more information – please Contact Us with details of the load and application requirements and we will get back to you.

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