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Examples of standard attachments.  


Roller Table

Roller platform - ideal for handling boxes on to shelves.

Can be adapted for order picking.




Vee Block for handling rolls. Can also be supplied so that the roll can be rotated through 90 degrees for shaft loading.



Mandrel for roll handling, picks up rolls from the core.


twin mandrel


Twin spare roll lifter, lifts the roll from the underside - can also be adapted to lift containers and "tote" bins.




Electric powered all stainless steel drum and roll clamp. Push button operation from the stacker controls at the rear of the machine between the handles.

This unit fitted to the Newton 150 and 250 models can handle drums and rolls up to 100Kg. The unit can also be adapted to handle a variety of other loads on application and also be fitted to the Reflex 200.


Heavy roll handler


Roll Handler Roll Handler
Roll turning units for rolls up to 150Kg. These units grip the roll core and rotate the load through 90 degrees ideal for machine loading, or for turning rolls from pallets ready for loading on to machines.

Southworth can also offer a range of other attachments on application - even designing and building special attachments to suit individual requirements. Just click on one of the Contact Us links, fill in the form and a representative will be in contact shortly.

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