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Pal Lift Truck

Hand Pallet Truck
High Lift Pallet Truck
Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Trucks 2500 Kg

Variety of fork sizes.

Euro and wide forks


High Lift Pallet Trucks

Manual and powered lift

1000Kg capacity


Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Special designs on request.




TP Series Truck RP Series Truck RPA Series Truck

TP Series (TP-A Shown)


RP Series (RP-A Shown)  


A range of pedestrian operated pallet stacker units designed to allow pallets up to 1500 kg to be moved and stacked into pallet racking – thus freeing up forklift trucks for other operations.

Pal Lift can be supplied with either manual or powered propulsion and a choice of fork options to suit either open base Euro pallets or closed base pallets.

The Pal Lift TP series pallet stackers are designed for open base Euro pallets, with lift heights from 1.5 to 3.4 metres.
The TP-A is an adjustable width stacker for use with closed base GKN style close boarded pallets – the straddle width is adjustable from 700 – 1250 mm

Pal Lift RP series is a powered drive version of the manually propelled TP.
The controls are mounted in the tiller and allow the operator to guide the unit effortlessly.
All of the controls on RP series stackers have I-Bosche soft start, this make the unit easier to use than many other stackers on the market.
The RP-A is the adjustable width stacker option as with the TP-A.

Pal Lift – Electric Drive Pallet Trucks.

The Pal Lift Star is a powered drive pedestrian pallet truck for loads up to 2500 kg (depending on model) like the RP series stackers the controls have a soft start feature to ensure these trucks are simple to use.




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