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Simple to operate the Hover-Lift automatically grips and lifts the load – the operator can also adjust the control sensitivity to suit individual operations.

Hover-Lift is suitable for a variety of applications lifting loads from 25Kg up to a maximum of 400 kg with no manual handling.

The standard control head can be supplied with a variety of vacuum heads, allowing a Hover-Lift to be utilized for a variety of lifting tasks.

Ideally suited to end of line pallet loading Hover-Lift is a well proven solution for – drums, rolls, sacks, plate material, timber panels, glass sheets & white goods all handled using standard attachments.

We also have a fully operational test cell – in this way we can offer a try before you buy service.

Bring an example of the load to be handled and we can set up a Hover-Lift unit to the specification required.

For more information – please Contact Us with details of the load and application requirements and we will get back to you.

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