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  Hallins Newton 100

Hallins Newton 100 modified to handle glass bottles.

This all stainless steel attachment takes the bottles from benches to a workstation allowing the operator to pour the acid contents under complete control.


Drum handling bottle

Prototype unit under test in our workshops prior to site trial.

The customer went on to order 5 units for the application.

  LEV 600 Modified

Modified LEV 600 with electric powered lift and lower plus electric powered turning assembly to lift and tip wheeled containers of scrap material.

The operator operates the unit via a remote hand control.

The turner and lift controls are powered by a battery pack mounted within the red enclosure at the rear of the unit.

  Newton 100 modified

Newton 100 with special forks to handle lenticular filter housings for the pharmaceuticals industry.

This unit lifts the filter housing to allow the operator to change the filters, the housing can then be placed within the separate wheeled frame for cleaning.


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