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An extensive range of single and vertical scissor lift platforms for loads from 500Kg up to 7000Kg.

  • Robust simple design with jig welded and machined construction.
  • Integral power unit mounted within the base frame on most models.
  • Whisper quiet power units with immersed motors and pump.
  • Available with either hand or foot operated controls.
  • Easy to install and operate, Custom Lift is well proven in a variety of production applications.

Two custom lift units with roller blinds

Two Custom Lift units with roller blinds.


Custom  scissor lift with integral turntable and feed trolly with ball table

Custom Lift scissor lift with integral turntable and feed trolly with ball table top, built for John Smiths Brewery.


Simple, robust and well proven design - can be modified to suit a variety of applications including pallet loading, production assembly, machine feeding, adjustable work-stations.

single vertical scissor

Single vertical scissor lift


Double vertical scissor

Double vertical scissor lift





Custom lift application 1


  Custom lift application 2
Custom Lift can be used for a number of manual handling applications, the examples above shows a work-stations and a machine feeding application.


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